Tips on Insurance Policies

Our vehicle is usually the largest depreciable asset that any of us owns. It behooves us to ensure that this asset is protected against any calamity that may occur. As with many other things, cheaper is not necessarily better when it comes to insurance; and as complicated as insurance can be, we recommend purchasing your […]

Choosing a Collision Repair Service

When evaluating a collision repair facility, make sure they can provide these 10 ESSENTIALS: The facility should have an excellent reputation. What has your prior experience with the repair facility been? Do you have positive referrals from friends or relatives that have had their vehicles repaired by the facility? The facility should be well-organized and […]

Tips on Buying a Used Vehicle

With the cost of the average new vehicle soaring above $20,000, it often makes sense to purchase a used or “pre-owned” later model vehicle. But how can you tell if that used vehicle has been in an accident or had other major repairs? Take the time to inspect the vehicle closely and beware if you […]

Towing the vehicle

City, county, and state police have a call list of towing operators that are approved by the State to tow from limited access highways and from county streets. These operators are licensed and bonded and experienced in towing late model vehicles to preclude further damage to your car. Most automobile insurance policies include a nominal […]

What To Do After An Accident

The most important thing is to remain at the scene of an accident if your vehicle is involved. Send others for help especially if you are injured. Worry first about the passengers in the vehicles and their immediate safety. Turn off ignition switches to avoid a risk of fire. Do not attempt to move seriously […]