Towing the vehicle

City, county, and state police have a call list of towing operators that are approved by the State to tow from limited access highways and from county streets. These operators are licensed and bonded and experienced in towing late model vehicles to preclude further damage to your car.

Most automobile insurance policies include a nominal “towing” coverage, but you should be advised that the allowances provided in coverage do not always pay the towing bill in full. If your car is being towed long distances off the interstate, at odd hours, or in extreme weather conditions, there may be legitimate additional charges from the towing operator that may not be covered by your towing allowance.

If you are having your car towed to City East, do not worry about the tow bill. Tell the tow truck operator to tow the vehicle to one of our locations and we will pay the tow bill and add it to your repair bill.

Resolving liability and insurance coverage can take several days and in some serious accidents may take longer. Some towing operators and repair facilities charge a daily storage fee on your car while it is waiting to be repaired and these charges can add up quickly. It’s important to note that City Auto Body Centers do NOT charge storage fees for vehicles towed to our properties while you are waiting for resolution on who is responsible for repairing your car.