Collision Repair

Major accidents are the bane of any motorist. They come out of nowhere and leave your car with more than just a dent.

Major accidents can easily take your car off the road forever and are usually a small fortune to fix. Michael’s Auto Body Collision Center offers high quality accident repair for even the toughest of jobs at a remarkably competitive price.

Whether you’re looking for an expert technical team to straighten your car frame or hammer major collision damage on your car’s body, Michael’s Auto Body Collision Center has the staff and the resources to get your car back on the road again.

Types of Major Accident Repair

  • Vehicle Frame Straightening
    • High-speed collisions can do massive damage to your car’s exterior and interior structure; taking your car straight out of alignment. But a straightened vehicle frame is essential to any quality repair job and to making sure the structural integrity of your vehicle is maintained. Fortunately, Michael’s Auto Body Collision Center are specially equipped to straighten even the most disjointed of vehicles frames, from the front frame horn to the core support.
  • Extensive Bodywork
    • Whether we’re looking at door sized dents or caved in rear bumpers, Michael’s Auto Body Collision Center is no stranger to doing major bodywork in even the most complex of car chassis. With top-of-the-line dent pulling, sanding and repainting equipment, we can provide a lifetime guarantee on our workmanship.
  • Major Dent Removal
    • Major collisions will always leave massive dents to even the sturdiest of cars. Whether they’re caved in passenger side doors or ruptured hoods, it will take a true professional to bring your car back to its original luster.
  • Michael’s Auto Body Collision Center gives your car a fighting chance at a second life. With our skilled staff of professional automobile technicians and mechanics, you don’t need to worry about expensive car repair costs.
  • Don’t see your car trouble here? Give us a call and allow us to give your car our professional diagnosis. No accident is too big to fix for Michael’s Auto Body Collision Center.

Frame measurements are absolutely vital when conducting extensive car repairs, especially if your car frame is damaged. But with PND Auto body , our computerized frame measuring systems are specifically designed to make sure our measurements are on target 100% of the time.

Or system produces fast, accurate and reliable frame measurements, as well as printable reports on your vehicle’s condition during any phase of the repairs (be it before, during or after the procedure).

Too technical for you? Allow us to walk you through the diagnosis of your car so you’ll know exactly what we’ll be doing, while leaving all the dirty work with us.

Don’t leave your car with amateurs who simply use guesswork and manual measurements to get your car frame down. When it comes to your car, nothing less than decimal point precision should be provided.

Why is a Car Frame so Important?

A car frame is known as the main structure of any automobile. It is quite literally the foundation of every car, much in same way a home relies on its pillars to remain sturdy, reliable and functional. Every single car component fastens to the frame and it is what every single car feature is hinged on.

During an accident, a car frame has the potential of being bent out of shape. The gravity of the impact will dictate how extensive the damage is to the frame, and in turn, to the rest of the car. Frame straightening is best left to professionals like the technicians of PND Auto body, but a miscalculation on the part of the mechanics can leave more than a dent on your car.

This is why accurate car frame measurements are so important, particularly for extensive repairs to a car. With PND’s computerized car frame measurements, we can be astoundingly precise with the dimensions of your vehicle, making repairs more efficient and more reliable than ever before.